CNV Goes Global launched major initiatives by participating in multiple global events in February 2009. Hemi Gandhi participated in the Global Youth Leaders Meet (YUVA) organized by TERI (The Energy and Research Institute). These leaders vigorously debated strategies on combating global change, creating green jobs and lighting a billion lives. TERI has targeted these leaders to be flagbearers of change in a global campaign on sustainability. Dr. R.K. Pachuri, co-winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize along with Al Gore, chaired this event.



Hemi Gandhi presented a peer reviewed paper entitled “Mobilizing Zero Cost Carbon Credits in a Massive Growing Economy” at the 2009 International Scientific and Business Conference on Protecting the Climate, February 3-4, New Delhi, India organized by Euro Akadem, Gmbh.


Professor Brian S Thompson, Michigan State University and Hemi Gandhi represented CarbonNeutralVolunteers.Org at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2009: Towards Copenhagen: An Equitable And Ethical Approach. This event was attended by notable dignitaries and thought leaders including Jeffrey D Sachs, Thomas L Friedman, Ernesto Zedillo and Nobel Laureates including Kofi Annan, James A Mirrlees,  Mario J Molina,  and Dr R K Pachauri. 

Hectic Summer for CNV

The CNV team led by Kai Goldynia, Matt Hubbard and Nelson Burton and Hemi Gandhi will participate in the 2009 International Student Energy Summit, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, June 11-13.

Hemi Gandhi will present the following papers with Professor Brian S Thompson of Michigan State University:

An Innovative Concept of Volunteer Carbon Credits: Mining Hidden Assets of Corporations and Institutions”, The 14th International Conference on Thinking (14th ICOT) to be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, June 22-26, 2009

A New Paradigm Leveraging Mass Volunteerism And The Viral Nature Of The Web To Substantially Impact Climate Change, Energy and Sustainability 2009, International Conference on Energy and Sustainability, Bologna, Italy, 23-25 June 2009

The CNV team will continue with its “Bet on the Bulb” drive.

 Okemos High School Goes Carbon Neutral !!!

Okemos High School launched its Alternative Energy and Sustainability program and pledged to become the first high school in the world to go carbon neutral. Given the enormous challenge of global warming and climate change Dr. John Lanzetta, Ph.D, Principal, Okemos High School said “This program has been conceived by the students with a very ambitious and noble goal of making Okemos High School the first carbon neutral high school in the world. The program aspires to attain this through energy efficiency, offsets through mass volunteerism and global outreach programs.”

In launching this historical and landmark initiative Dr. Lanzetta explained that the “program provides leadership for the local and global community with information about energy, global warming, and what can be done to stop it. I look forward to seeing substantial volunteer involvement to reduce greenhouse gases and an impact on society through the use of solar ovens in Tanzania and solar water heaters in Peru. I am very impressed with the enthusiasm and dynamism of this group and look forward to working closely with them to make this a very successful venture.”

Bet on the Bulb

To inquire please email:


The Alternative Energy and Sustainability Initiative at Okemos High school is launching a Compact Fluorescent (CFL) drive to reduce carbon global emissions. “We will undertake a door-to-door campaign; enlist other schools in the campaign and leverage the power of the web to empower individuals around the world with the knowledge and opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint” said Hemi Gandhi, Founder of the organization.
The all-senior core leadership team is driven by Kai Goldynia, Matt Hubbard and Nelson Burton. The seniors explained “The energy saved by replacing a 100-watt incandescent bulb with an equivalent compact fluorescent over its lifetime is sufficient to drive a Toyota Prius from New York to San Francisco. A standard (13 watt) CFL would reduce electricity bills by $30 during its life, which is 10 times as long as an incandescent bulb. If the world transitions into CFLs we would see a 12% reduction in the global electricity use and eliminate over 700 coal fired power plants.”

Solar Ovens

 Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Emerson (1803 - 1882)

CarbonNeutralVolunteers.Org has initiated a Solar Oven program in Morogoro, Tanzania to design and build solar ovens indigenously. This work is being undertaken in close collaboration with Sokoine University and the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA). This project will make a significant impact on the quality of life of the villagers, particularly women and children. Additionally, this project will have a significant impact on climate change by reducing the destruction of trees, the burning of fossil fuels and the related soil degradation Impact assessment studies are planned for two pilot villages in Dodoma to evaluate the social, economic, environmental and health impact of the solar ovens.


Contribute to the Solar Oven Project and Make a Real Difference
  The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.
Leo Tolstoy  (1828 – 1910)


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